Qingdao Inherine International Trade Co., Ltd.
Многопрофильный поставщик
Основные продукты:Искусственные цветы, настоящие сенсорные цветы, искусственные листья, Цветочная композиция, свадебные декоративные цветы
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Real Touch Flowers
Artificial Flower/Berries
Artificial Greenery
Dried Flowers
Floral Arrangement
Inherine International is a company professional in exporting artificial flowers and wedding decorative items. We specialize in fabulous flowers and bouquets which will be the centerpiece for various occasions such as weddings, banquets, parties, events, inaugurations, corporate events, and social events. We work towards executing every order as beautifully as our floral products.We like to understand our clients as much as possible and execute our orders with an impeccable attention to detail and also conduct final checks to ensure that we have delivered only the very best.Looking forward to your early enquiry!